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Why Latlantic?


Over the past few years the mobile device accessory market has exploded with hundreds of new brands emerging. We have seen many of these Brands trying to enter the market and disappearing without leaving a trace. Only a few of them have become successful. The limited number of ‘winners’ usually has one common factor to those that 'lose', which is the effortsa made for local representation and an expertise in the market. 

Let us highlight the main benefits for your Brand when being advised by LATLANTIC:

- Gain a fast track access to market.

- See more, see better: LATLANTIC has the knowledge of all the main distributors in each significant country, including the preeminent national ones, enabling your Brand to select the most appropriate partners.

- Reduce your sales acquisition expenditure, outsource some of your travel.

- Optimize your revenue and maximize your sales volumes following LATLANTIC recommendations on pricing and channel margin policies.

- Avoid losing money in trade marketing actions not well adapted to the Latin American and/or Eastern European markets. On the opposite, optimize every dollar invested in pushing & promoting your Brand following the local best practices.

- Enrich / build/ adapt your knowledge of the Latin American and/or Eastern European markets with LATLANTIC.

- Be visible: periodic intense presence of LATLANTIC consultants in the field with retailers and mobile telephone operators promoting your Brand.

- Ensure, thanks to LATLANTIC, that your appointed distributors stay permanently focused on your Brand.

- Have the channels of the countries you target properly mapped by LATLANTIC to optimally allocate trade marketing resources.

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