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Marketing services


- For Brands that already started approaching the region, we apply the “What we did /didn’t  do right, where do we stand and what  we should do next” evaluations.

- For Customer Brands that wish to start sales in the Latin American or Eastern European regions, we provide consulting services to establish the priority markets and target customers.

- Recommendations are given on pricing and channel margin guidelines per country, per channel and per currency. Considering the diverse categories of the accessories, the location of the production factories, the already established competitive pressure and the growing importance of e-commerce channels.

- Market and channel prioritization by country, channel, segment and we highlight the  importance of  Distribution strategy / mixed product recommendation

Marketing strategies

- Analysis of competitors’ presence / PR management: Media visibility - press tours/Media clipping – product's reviews.

Trademarketing/Establishing reseller programs / Local or European marketing plans

- Shows and events - education on POS materials

- Merchandising in the point of sales / End users activities / Advertising


 Your business development, sales, and market expansion goals in Eastern Europe and/or Latin America, depend upon sound and carefully planned distribution and sales strategies. As well as strong relationships with established partners in the local channel. We work closely within the targeted region to ensure successful sell-in and sell-through of your products by:

- Defining and establishing a distribution strategy and model designed to maximize sales for your specific product within the local market

- Select and manage the distributors in the region or country. Visit and manage the main key account / Negotiate distribution contracts / Train the sales people and promotors.

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